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BI and Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your business

Do you know where your critical strategic data lives? Is it in your ERP, or in your CRM, Microsoft 365, web analytics, and marketing automation platforms, or in other systems and solutions? It’s in all of them and more.

Far more importantly: Are you equipped to act on the right data in the right way?

Business intelligence and business analytics services from O Consulting are focused on the action above all else. Our team of data engineers and analysts is deeply experienced in Power BI, predictive analytics, IoT, and most data discovery tools and methodologies.

Supporting your strategic business goals means:

  • Data discovery
  • Data analysis
  • Data-driven action

Assessing where you are in your BI and analytics journey

While every business recognizes the value of analytics, not every business has the same starting point. In fact, it’s rare that every unit within a business has the same starting point.

Our team of data scientists, data warehouse designers, report builders, and business analysts will take a deep dive into your enterprise, division, and department levels, assessing processes, platforms, teams, and individuals for overall analytics readiness. We will guide you through your BI and analytics journey.

The objective is to first understand your overall business goals, then identify the specific tactics that will support those strategies. Only then will our team take a deep dive into the data. We first map out where you want to go and then deliver the BI and analytics solution and services that can help you get there.

Our objective is moving your business to the operative level, where every decision – from new hires to seasonal pricing adjustments to infrastructure optimizations – is driven and supported by data. 

Data and business analytics: A service and a solution

Some BI and analytics deliverables can border on the abstract with some providers. O Consulting has concrete deliverables that ensure our clients know exactly where the data is coming from, how it will be delivered and displayed, and precisely how to act on it.

In all cases, O Consulting will help you define your analytics journey and then create the platform and tools that support each step in that journey.


Driving deeper insights with actionable data

  • Data Insights: Pre-configured business intelligence and data warehouse system that lets all users tap into relevant, timely business data to identify real-time requirements, monitor trends, and troubleshoot problems
  • Data warehouse design: The data lake is coming, and we’ll help you navigate it with warehousing systems for all data streams that fuel your business, all via a strategic, systemic methodology built on your unique business goals
  • ERP and CRM implementation: Our system implementation strength is augmented by business analytics solutions specifically cut for CRM and ERP deployments, delivering the actionable data that helps ensure a strategic build, launch, and maintenance of your most fundamental business systems
  • Power BI: Want to help move your executives off spreadsheets? Our Power BI experts can help by both building interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities into your systems, and empowering team leaders with the knowledge to quickly create the reports and dashboards required
  • Embedded resources: We provide engineers and analysts on-site (or off) who are entirely dedicated to supporting your BI and analytics systems, and uncovering and implementing strategic and data-driven optimizations of your business systems

Next steps in BI and analytics

We’ll dig into your overarching goals, the strategies that support them, and the
technology to make the most out of every tactic you may use.

Contact us for a free assessment of your current BI and environment and learn
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