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Contract Lifecycle Management

Lock in the value, manage your contract lifecycle in one place

What Are the Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management?

Think about it, a contract is the only document that formalizes a relationship between a buyer and a supplier. It is what an entire relationship is based on and dictated by. So, why are contract management processes such as authoring, negotiation, amendments, parent/child relationships, tracking so cumbersome, manual and often ineffective?

Ivalua’s Contract Lifecycle Management offers an intuitive yet powerful ability to manage all aspects of the contract lifecycle in a single place.

  •  Procurement and other stakeholders are enabled to efficiently create and negotiate contracts.
  •  Standard contract templates and a clause library approved by legal are easily accessible to improve contract creation efficiency and compliance.
  •  Easy view of and management of contract hierarchies and amendments.
  •  A central repository allows for easy searching and management of existing contracts with automated alerts on renewals, expiration and other milestones.
  •  Third-party paper contracts can rapidly be ingested to extract clauses and key metadata to process contracts appropriately.
  •  With collaborative authoring and automated workflows stakeholders and suppliers can quickly come to agreement and execute contracts in a timely manner.
  •  Upon execution, contract compliance is paramount. Customers can monitor and track consumption, performance and manage obligations.

Ivalua Contract Management Software


A central contract and clause repository

Find approved templates and clauses to create the right contracts and get visibility into your existing contracts


Faster contracting with collaborative authoring and negotiation

Seamless, intuitive document collaboration with internal stakeholders and suppliers.



Maximize contract value

With contract analytics, performance and compliance tracking and obligation management.


Stay on top of your contracts

Complete visibility, collaboration and efficiency across all aspects of the contract lifecycle to maximize the value of your contracts. With Ivalua contract management, you can satisfy your legal team, ensure contract compliance and inform procurement processes with accurate contractual information.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Repository

Let your contracts inform you

  • A Central Searchable Contract Repository Quickly find contracts, including PDFs and attachments, using multiple filters, full text or metadata-based search.
  • Complete Contract Visibility Access all information and data around a contract in one place, including key contacts, negotiated terms, documents, hierarchy and amendments, risk and performance assessments, price lists and workflow.
  • Actionable Contract Dashboard Easy access to key insights such as expiring contracts, contract under negotiation or under review, top contracts by consumption and more.
  • Stay Informed of Key Milestones Manage contract commitments, obligations and milestones and get reminders as critical renewal or expiration dates approach.

Contract Authoring

Better contracts, faster

  • Guided Contract Requests Use our Integrated Virtual Assistant (IVA) to simplify the contract request process and engage users.
  • Rapidly Create Contracts Create contracts quickly from approved templates and a master clauses library to ensure legally sound contracts and faster cycle times.
  • Collaborative Authoring and Automated Workflows Seamless internal and external collaboration ivia comments and full conversations combined with automated workflows.
  • Simplify Contract Updates Automated processes for change controls, amendments, renewals and terminations.
  • Kick-Off and Track eSignatures Use out-of-the-box integrations with DocuSign, Adobe Sign and Universign, the leading electronic signature providers.


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