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Ivalua Strategic Payments

Transform supplier payments to become the customer of choice

Ivalua Payments streamlines cross-border & domestic payments to deliver operational transparency with real-time updates that rebuilds supplier trust and reduces inquiries. All this maximizes the buying power of procurement, turning you into the customer of choice.

Want to Turn Accounts Payable into a Strategic Business Partner?


Reduce Errors & Fraud

Approximately 1% of spend is prone to manual errors or fraud, by embedding payments within the P2P journey the opportunity for fraud is removed with a transparent chain back to the buyer.



Lower Ownership Costs

By enabling suppliers to manage their own Account information within the Ivalua Self-Service Portal rather than in the ERP organizations can save up 50% of their data management costs.



Cut Supplier Inquiries


The Power of Seamless Invoice Payments

As supply chains become more fragile, it’s time to stand out from the crowd and turn your supplier payments into a competitive advantage. Your current ERP payment process is a complex ‘Blackbox’ that can damage supplier trust and block commercial innovation. It’s time to become the customer of choice with seamless supplier payments from Ivalua.

Turn supplier payments into a procurement tool to negotiate better pricing, reach new levels of invoice automation and slash supplier inquiries. Ultimately, by using supplier liquidity, procurement can turn an organization into the customer of choice for key suppliers. Giving you access to the latest innovations, securing supply and even getting the best price.


Turn Payments into Bottom Line Savings

  • Cut supplier inquiries by providing real-time payment status and reconciliation information against every invoice and payment
  • Provide end-to-end transaction tracking, which ensures that every payment has a thread back to the original procurement source (supplier, buyer, order, or contract)
  • Deliver next-day B2B payments unlocking the best price or supplier discounts while gaining greater control over your cash

Security Through Transparency

  • Eliminate multiple duplication checks within one transparent flow that blocks invoice and payment replication during the process, saving time & cutting costs
  • Reduce the opportunity for fraud by removing the cracks in the process that appear as the transaction moves between systems into the ERP or out to the bank
  • Streamline the process to capture of payment discounts almost instantly, maximizing the available discount opportunity from every supplier – globally

Cut the Cost of Payments

  • Next-day supplier payments for cross-border & domestic suppliers 
  • Ensure financial control with multiple approval layers and two-factor authentication 
  • Real-time supplier & in-house bank account validation and setup workflow
  • Consolidated B2B payments across multiple invoices with full reconciliation
  • Capture supplier discounts with a fully integrated early settlement solutions

Control Financial Performance

Streamlines the whole Accounts Payable journey, with one flow for cross-border & domestic supplier payments linked directly into Ivalua Invoicing



Create Operational Transparency

Unlock the power of partial supplier payments and reconciliation to maximize buying power without losing control



Maximize Procurement Power



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