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Analytics and Insights

A Single Analytics Layer Across Source-to-Pay

Ivalua Procurement Analytics and Insights


A single analytics layer

Access and connect all the data and activity across the Source-to-Pay process



High quality data

Access accurate and real-time data and analytics across source-to-pay process



Leverage actionable insights


Establish the best strategies with insightful analytics

Ivalua provides clear and comprehensive reporting and analytics across all procurement processes, ensuring quick and easy access to intelligence and insights

End the Broken Processes and Unlock the Power of Your Data to Generate Value

Procurement’s ability to generate value largely rests on access and quality of data. Too often, Procurement leaders are unable to extract relevant and actionable insights due to:

  • Disconnected and fragmented systems and data silos
  • Multiple solutions across the source-to-pay process that don’t speak to each other
  • Access to only surface level data, without the ability to drill down to the achieve insights of locate root cause
  • Inability to address and implement core data governance and resolve data quality issues

Access a Library of Pre-Defined Reports

Ivalua offers a comprehensive catalog of intuitive, insightful, and interactive reports and dashboards to leverage data and expose insights across the source to pay process. This extensive list of out-of-the-box reports include numerous reports within.

  • Spend Analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Contract Lifecycle and Compliance
  • eProcurement
  • Invoicing and Accounts Payables
  • Supplier Risk and Performance
  • Productivity Reports
  • Role based dashboards

Quickly and Easily Generate Specialized Analyses and Tailored Reports

Ivalua’s simple and intuitive interface allows users to tailor existing analyses, create targeted KPIs, and generate new ad-hoc reports to enable decisions by stakeholders and management.

Embed Analytics Across Procurement Process

Utilize predefined dashboards or generate new dashboards that can be placed throughout the source-to-pay process to inform sourcing and purchasing decisions.

Generate Recommendations and Take Action from Reports

Use analytics to deliver strategic recommendations and launch actions directly from reports, as well as accessing sub-analyses or detailed transactional data for greater insight.


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