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Dynamics 365 For eCommerce

Tracking, Refunds, Returns, Inventory, Delivery

Automate & Integrate Your eCommerce Business

Online customers have come to expect shopping experiences that have all the advantages of a physical world shopping plus the comfort of home. Better pricing, short delivery time and the power of choice is something customers now take for granted from an online business – whether for goods or services. The rapidly evolving online businesses remain at the forefront of leveraging technology for the digital transformation of customer engagements, optimization of operations, business models and products evolution and empowering employees.

Engage: Take Customer Experience To The Next Level Using Data-Driven Personalization. Address Customer Needs Using Data and Actionable Insights.


Empower: Intelligent, Secure and Flexible Workplaces That Empower Employees to Achieve More.


Optimize: Accelerate the Responsiveness of your Business, Improve Service Levels, and Reduce Costs with Intelligent Processes.


Transform: Use Data as a Strategic Asset to Harness Emerging Opportunities, Shift from Hindsight to Competitive Foresight.


Dynamics 365 for eCommerce Functions

The business processes addressed by the solution include:

Order Management

  • Sales Order Booking
  • Order Invoicing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Status Sync with Webshop

Material Management

  • Purchase Planning
  • Vendor Administration
  • Inventory Management


  • Courier Allocation
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Collection
  • Status Reconciliation

Customer Service

  • Pre-Sales
  • Enquiry Handling
  • Order Cancellation
  • Returns
  • Refund Processing

Financial Management

  • Payables & Receivables Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • COD Reconciliation

Key Features of Dynamics 365 For eCommerce

  • Integrate your online business and physical processes associated with it.
  • Enables Omni-Channel Management
  • Integrates Your Supply Chain
  • Efficiently manages multi-product and multi-resourcing scenarios
  • Automates multi-pricelist management
  • Discounts management system
  • Optimizes dispatch and logistics
  • Provides your customers with a hassle-free unified experience
  • Quick & Automated Refund Processing
  • Integrate Telephone Support with Your Business System
  • Take control of your Finance & Accounting Needs
  • Efficiently integrating an online business with the physical world business
  • Omni-channel management
  • Supply –Chain Integration
  • Multi-product and multi-resourcing management
  • Multi-pricelists management
  • Discounts management
  • Dispatch and Logistics management
  • Providing customers with an integrated interface experience – online or offline
  • Refunds processing
  • Computer – Telephony Integration
  • Financial Accounting

CRM Solutions for eCommerce

  • Customer Service – CRM helps you in acknowledging Customer Voice across the web, social, chat, mobile and phone, including customer self-service and social care, and serving them on time to render them an amazing experience. CRM enables organizations to manage cases faster, connect with the right knowledge base to respond appropriately and analyze interactions across the social channel.

    Marketing Campaigns – Dynamics CRM brings all your marketing campaigns into one integrated platform. It helps you deliver consistent messaging across all marketing channels and helps you drive better ROI using strategically planned campaigns across all channels.

    CRM enables you to identify the most productive campaigns and drive revenue by strategic campaign planning, which are executed across all channels with great consistency. It empowers you to measure the impact your marketing investments in real-time. With CRM, you can plan, design multi-stage and multi-channel visual campaigns, and get real-time marketing ROI analytics.

    Customer Segmentation & Analytics – CRM enables you in segmenting your customers on parameters critical for the business, like buying behaviour w.r.t products, timelines, value, etc.; and its further utilization in increasing campaign & service efficiency.


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