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Microsoft Cloud and Infrastructure Services

Cloud services for migration, recovery, backup, management and support

Whether it’s a migration from on-premises to Azure, a move to a hybrid cloud, infrastructure support services, or providing consulting guidance as you make your decision, O Consulting will deliver and support a cloud solution that matches your exact needs.

90% of Fortune 500 companies choose Microsoft Azure for cloud platform needs, and you could do the same. O Consulting has the experience to find exactly what works best for you, offering complete Microsoft cloud and infrastructure services alongside Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and services, by utilizing our resources to ensure a rapid migration fitting your business needs and schedules.

Rapid, proven cloud migration services

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Cloud Business Applications, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, (as well as Data Analytics, Application Development and Integration, Security, and others), O Consulting delivers the certified experience required to ensure a smooth and cost-effective migration to the Microsoft cloud.

Every cloud service we provide is done to match our clients’ business practices and schedules to minimize disruption to your business.


Built-in security and stability


Microsoft invests more than $1B every single year into security, and that includes the security of your Azure instance. When moving systems and data to Azure, you can be assured that it will be secure. O Consulting offers guaranteed security and stability for all Azure migrations or instances we support. Azure’s stability is assured by Microsoft with coverage and facilities in more regions than any other cloud provider. Azure also offers seamless integration with your business systems with comprehensive compliance coverage—including meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Nothing comes close to Azure, it’s the choice for most leading companies in the world – and O Consulting has all you need to get there.




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