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Next-Generation Customer Experiences with Complete Control On

Patience Experiance, Marketing Strategies, Patient Care, Informed Doctors

Automate & Integrate Your eCommerce Business

Online customers have come to expect shopping experiences that have all the advantages of a physical world shopping plus the comfort of home. Better pricing, short delivery time and the power of choice is something customers now take for granted from an online business – whether for goods or services. The rapidly evolving online businesses remain at the forefront of leveraging technology for the digital transformation of customer engagements, optimization of operations, business models and products evolution and empowering employees.

Patient Records

Bring all your patient records in one chronological order in one place, which can be accessed by all the doctors and professionals working with them. Smart patient records bring test reports, doctor’s advice, etc. from different doctors and departments into one place.

Intelligent Reports

Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator generates easy to understand reports of the patients to help the doctors get a macroscopic picture of patient behavior. These intelligent reports are designed to save your doctor’s time spent on each patient by bringing critical metrics into the focus area.

Marketing Forecasts

Diseases, historical data of patients, etc. are intelligently used to give the marketing team an edge over the competition. Your team is well aware in advance of the campaigns they will need to run in the near future.


Track transactions, get alerts on unusual activities, give your patients access to their billing records, analyze revenue growth, identify areas for optimization using intelligent finance reports by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Customized reports help you understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance.


Patient confidentiality is paramount to the healthcare industry. Dynamics 365 allows you to set up checks and alerts to ensure complete patient privacy for all your patients while sharing their complete history with the professionals catering to them.


Your doctors, patients can access their reports, records, etc. using their smartphones while on the go. No more hassles for waiting for Reports and reaching to the hospital to access reports. Your doctors don’t need to traverse through physical files of the patients. They can now access patient records on the go for accurate consultations in emergencies.

Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent cloud gives you access to unlimited resources, as your organization grows, the need for more storage, more touchpoints, etc. are certain. Cloud platforms allow you to scale up the system when needed without the hassles of infrastructure upgrades every few years.


Customized CRM For Healthcare

Alletec CRM solution for Healthcare is a system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The system helps large healthcare organizations build a Patient-Centric Model. It enables them to enhance Patient Experience with a simplified rendition of medical care, automated communications, greater information transparency, and better after-care relationships. This solution helps build positive Patient sentiments & sustained trust – leading to higher retention, word-of-mouth referrals, and overall healthy Patient Relationships.


Customized CRM For Healthcare Functions

Alletec CRM for Healthcare provides/facilitates the following:

  • Sales Tour Plan
  • Daily Call Report
  • Sales Coverage Report
  • CME/OPD Program Calendar
  • Program Performance Report
  • Planned vs. Accomplished Engagements
  • Doctors’ 360-degree view
  • Patients’ 360-degree view
  • Business Target vs. Business Revenue


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