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Catalyst and Design Thinking Framework

A design thinking framework to identify and implement achievable strategies

Catalyst is a methodology O Consulting applies to every customer project. Based on Microsoft’s I.D.E.A. framework, it is used to facilitate the transformation of your business and to evaluate technology and your business strategy via a design-thinking framework. Through the Catalyst model, incorporated and implemented by our industry-specific teams, O Consulting is able to “meet you where you are.”

We begin in an ideation phase, wherein a business maturity assessment or journey mapping may be the first step. If your business transformation is underway and your vision is clear, we may begin further into the methodology, at the Design or Empower phases, and launch a strategic roadmap or even a proof of concept for solution implementation.

With every service we offer — like assessments, roadmapping, implementation, change management, support — every step in your transformation is customized to your business and designed to deliver as much strategic value as possible.

At O Consulting, it’s not just about providing a feature set – it’s about helping you build a better future state.






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