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Support and Managed Services for your Dynamics solution

Problem-solving, cost-saving and revenue-driving

Supporting our clients means far more than “if something breaks, we’ll help you fix it.” It means being a strategic partner who can help you uncover new cost-savings or revenue-driving opportunities. 

Well-versed in real-world implementation of platforms, applications, and extensions available to Microsoft customers, our team has easy access to Microsoft resources to ensure optimal resolution of any and all challenges. We also have industry experience, so you’ll be matched with people who know your market. The objective is to present clear and complete resolutions to any challenges you might be facing, while concurrently uncovering capabilities in your technology that can help further your strategic objectives.

This is a two-way street: Where other Microsoft Dynamics support teams may expect to hear from you “when there’s a problem,” at O Consulting, we want to hear from you when you have an idea.

Let’s discuss how we can support your strategies in addition to your solutions.


Complete, global support of your Dynamics solution

Our support team is available when you need them, and where you need them. We have experts available remotely or, if you require, we can have our team available on-site, both short-term or as long-term embedded resources.

Our support services include issue resolution, system maintenance, gap analysis, and development of customized enhancements, upgrades, and escalation procedures as well as post-resolution follow-up to ensure  all proposed solutions surpassed your expectations. Service offerings are tailored to your needs and available as pre-paid packages with a set amount of monthly support hours, or pay-as-you-go.

O Consulting also offers managed services handling every facet of your Microsoft business applications, as well as an Endurance subscription service that provides ongoing administrative and end-user support and training.

At O Consulting, client service is defined by strategic support of your business systems and goals while providing flexibility with timetables and costs.

It’s our mission to help you get more out of your Dynamics solution and maximize your technology investment.


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