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Modern user experience meets enterprise control

An e-commerce User Experience

Delight your users with a pleasant buying experience from start to finish.



Maximized Compliance and Adoption

Transform your processes into digital workflows ensuring adoption and compliance.



All Spend


Make buying easy for everyone.

eProcurement software like Ivalua, empowers your employees and suppliers. Simplify the buying experience, maximize compliance and manage ALL spend.


Intuitive Shopping & Requisitioning

A better buying experience

  • Find what you need, fast Powerful search and rich content in one place to help employees find and compare products or services they need. Whether from internal catalog or external content, Ivalua Search360 helps you find it in one place and checkout, just like any e-commerce experience.
  • Increase collaboration Route requests via procurement or other stakeholders for input, launch spot bidding to suppliers from a requisition, and share key information via instant messaging.
  • Balance spend control and business pace Configure workflows to apply the right level of control, set up alerts and default values that streamline the approval process, and approve from anywhere using any device.
  • Ensure accurate accounting Generate accounting entries for different ledgers, manage taxes appropriately and connect to the accounting system.

Streamlined Purchase Orders

Efficient and collaborative orders

  • Digitize large volumes quickly Automate the creation of multiple orders from one requisition, and leverage EDI/cXML connectors to accelerate large volumes of POs.
  • Achieve true supplier collaboration Allow suppliers to amend a PO quantity, item reference or delivery date according to stock capabilities. Spot modifications at a glance and decide upon them in one click. Enable one-click supplier acknowledgement.
  • Follow policy Automatically assign cost categories based on the user profile and the type of purchase, while keeping track of the budget.
  • Control those change orders Enjoy a simple, collaborative, and controlled change order process with a complete audit trail.


Simplify your receiving process

  • Get ready for delivery Suppliers can send Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) to share advance details of the delivery and prepare for it to secure just-in-time inventory management.
  • Benefit from an agile receiving process Leverage auto-receiving for mere commodities, partial receipt for staggered delivery, or receipt controlled by a workflow for strategic spend.
  • Don’t miss deadlines Users are notified about future receipts and can receive from any location whether offices or warehouses.
  • Easily manage delivery quality Gather users’ feedback about product or service that is delivered and accelerate the return process when necessary.

Budget Tracking

Track actual and planned spend

  • Control and manage budgets your way Manage budgets by fiscal year, cost center, organization, project, etc.
  • Seamless integration Easily import and load budgets from the financial system and configure a chart of accounts.
  • Budget analysis Conduct budget line spend analysis based on progress and know all usage against a budget.
  • Stay informed Configure alerts and track encumbrance (requisition), commitment (order) and usage (invoice).

Catalog Management

Simple and collaborative catalog management

  • Collaborate with suppliers to get accurate items and prices Create and manage catalogs while always ensuring accurate pricing. Exchange messages with suppliers and track progress.
  • Easy catalog management Create catalogs in two steps, track import progress before publishing, and modify and approve in a few clicks. Leverage catalog usage dashboard and metrics to optimize content and prices.
  • Ensure relevant control Compare item prices with negotiated agreements and use workflow approval prior to including items in the catalog.
  • Capture all spend, whether direct or indirect, products or services Manage promotional and preferred items, as well as services definitions, rate cards and job profiles.


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