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Microsoft Dynamics Integration Services

Automation solutions for integrating systems, data streams and teams

Systems integration is no longer the “end-all/be-all.” For full digital transformation of your business, systems integration is a starting point: it’s an integration of data, processes, tools, services, staff, and systems that helps a business fast-track its strategy.

Through tools like Microsoft Power Automate, processes like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and help from the technologists, architects and business consultants at O Consulting, integration of information and processes is easier than ever. Let’s get started.

Microsoft systems integration

Need to integrate ERP and/or CRM systems following a merger or other seismic shift in how you might be doing business? Want to connect workflows and data streams coming both from internal resources and external websites? Are your mobile applications working in harmony with in-house processes and platforms?

O Consulting has a team of technologists with deep experience in building custom integrations for these business needs and more.

We can connect your Dynamics solution to most any other solution or system, ensuring that workflows and information flows are integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 — Dynamics Finance, Dynamics Sales, Dynamics Field Service, or any version of Dynamics 365 — making Dynamics your source of truth.


Power Automate fuels integration

There’s new data every day, and integration and dissemination of that data is an ongoing, daily requirement. It comes from your teams, customers, platforms, systems, and even from other platforms and websites. Tools like RPA (robotic process automation) can automatically extract information from external websites and internal servers, and prime it for integration into your workflows.

By leveraging Microsoft tools such as Power Automate, our team makes integration and data dissemination possible, creating automated workflows between systems and processes based on your current business rules and future business needs.

Through automating data integration workflow, O Consulting helps ensure that you have the right data where and when you need it to attract new business, stay ahead of the competition, and better support existing customer needs.

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